Benjamin EllisSocial technologist and serial entrepreneur Benjamin Ellis has worked in the on-line world since the mid 1980’s. He has worked with companies including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks in Silicon Valley, and on projects with Microsoft, IBM and Motorola.

After more than two decades working at the leading edge of technology, Benjamin is still passionate about what it can achieve, particularly at the intersections between people, communication and software.

He is mainly known for his roles at Redcatco (blog) and SocialOptic (blog), and his support for start ups and growing UK digital businesses – predominately though the Digital Mission with Chinwag and the UKTI.

He makes the occasional appearance on Radio and TV, explaining the way that technology is changing the how businesses work, and also contributes to a number of blogs and print publications. Benjamin is also active in the academic domain as both a researcher and student.

When he isn’t involved in other pursuits, Benjamin invests his time in photographybass playing and relaxing with his four children and Caalie Ellis at his Surrey home – in as much as anyone relaxes in a home with four kids. He also has an uncanny ability to write about himself in the third person – perfected during his time as a senior marketing executive and mastered during his training as a psychologist. He keeps chickens too.

Check out the sidebar on the home page for ways to get in touch – it would be great to hear from you.

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  1. Beryn Hammil says:

    Hi Benjamin;

    Not sure how I landed on the video feed of your B2B presentation from yesterday, but I feel like the Universe is pointing me to lessons I need to learn from someone whose POV I can respect.

    I’m an interior designer in San Francisco and a bit of a tech person. I was in the marketing biz before design, so I have a strong understanding of what motivates people to make a buying decision (their emotions, or seeing shiny objects, as you say).

    I’m at the stage where my peers are turning to me for guidance on social media. The information you shared makes what I tell them that much more beneficial.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom and insights.

    I look forward to your response as your schedule permits.

    Best regards,
    Beryn Hammil

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  3. benjamin says:

    wow cool photo …. so nature with the little smile. hehe well. btw i am benjamin too

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