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Ants and Dandelions – Co-dependance and missing links

I’m not really big on gardening. I’m very happy to look at a pretty garden, but not so happy to spend hours tending to one! That said, each time I do venture out, I learn something: Today it was something about ants and dandelions. Herbicides are off limits in our garden – appart from their impact, keeping […]

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Couch to 5k – Getting Fit!

Thanks to a bit of inspiration and nudging, I’m grappling a long-outstanding goal that has been in my personal Milestone Planner (*cough* nominated by Lifehacker as one of the top 5 goal tracking services) plan for a while: Get Fit. It’s far too vague a goal, which is probably why I haven’t made any progress towards it in the […]

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Rescuing the Reader

This post is a little overdue. I’ll blame my laptop mishap with a concrete floor last week, but that’s a story for another post, this one is about Google Reader, or rather the lack of it. Google have announced that they are powering down Google Reader. If you don’t know what Google Reader is, bear […]

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Loving Live Music – Jazz Morley

So many things to blog about recently, but I’m writing about this one particularly – I’ll come back to the rest soon! I’m pretty sure it was Steve Lawson who first introduced us to the idea of house concerts. Either way, it was definitely Steve who first came to play in our home, and there’s […]

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I’m on the Phone…

The good folks from NokiaAtWork have put a Lumia 920 in my hands for this month. I unwrapped it last night, and had my contacts, calendars and email set up in a couple of minutes. The Windows Phone 8 interface is refreshingly different (more on that in another post) – it’s very clear and easy to […]

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London Lights!

You might have seen the new lights on London’s bridges, and some of the projections on the buildings during either the Jubilee, or the Olympics. If you did, and certainly if you didn’t, take a walk along the Thames in to London one evening and take a look – they are quite something in the […]

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