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Rescuing the Reader

This post is a little overdue. I’ll blame my laptop mishap with a concrete floor last week, but that’s a story for another post, this one is about Google Reader, or rather the lack of it. Google have announced that … Continue reading

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NEVER forget your mission NEVER divert from it

So today’s big news is about Twitter acquiring Posterous. It lead me to tweet this: “Eeeek… Posterous acquired by Twitter?! People, NEVER forget your mission, NEVER divert from it. If you do, you WILL fail.” Which, based on the replies, … Continue reading

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Bletchley Park – Remembering Herivel and the Herivel Tip

Last year I went up to Bletchley Park during the veterans’ reunion. Last year was quite a year for Bletchley. Simon Greenish, the Director of Bletchley Park,┬árecounted the events of GCHQ succeeding in getting the government to recognise the people … Continue reading

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