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Windows 10 – Key Take Aways

Yesterday I joined a group of developers at Microsoft’s offices for the launch of Windows 10. It is big stakes for Microsoft, as they attempt to restart the Windows upgrade cycle. While I have been a very happy Windows 8 user … Continue reading

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I’m on the Phone…

The good folks from NokiaAtWork have put a Lumia 920 in my hands for this month. I unwrapped it last night, and had my contacts, calendars and email set up in a couple of minutes. The Windows Phone 8 interface is … Continue reading

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30 Months on a Week Without Google

Small things can have large consequences! In December of 2009, as he snapped a picture of my with his newly acquired Google phone, James Governor casually challenged me to take a week off from using Google’s products. It seemed silly … Continue reading

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NEVER forget your mission NEVER divert from it

So today’s big news is about Twitter acquiring Posterous. It lead me to tweet this: “Eeeek… Posterous acquired by Twitter?! People, NEVER forget your mission, NEVER divert from it. If you do, you WILL fail.” Which, based on the replies, … Continue reading

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8 Reasons I’m Missing the Nokia n8

likeminds – Self Portrait – Nokia n8 style!, a photo by Benjamin Ellis on Flickr. Bit of a tech tragedy at the weekend – and a bit of an embarrassing one. My trusty Nokia n8 was sitting on my desk, … Continue reading

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Recommendations for Someone new to Twitter

Nisha Pillai (@island_nisha – do say hello to her if  you are on Twitter) asked me what advice I’d give to someone new to Twitter. Here are my thoughts, as I await my next cup of coffee. 1. Give it … Continue reading

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