Benjamin EllisBenjamin Ellis works at the intersection of technology and social systems, working with Big Data and Machine Learning software, combining his background in engineering, marketing and psychology to bring new technologies to market, and to create positive organisational change.

Sometimes you might hear him called Ben Ellis, but now you’ve read this, so you’d never call him that, would you?

Benjamin is, or has been, variously: A CMO and CTO, a radio show host, a professional speaker, A full stack software developer, an investor, a head of product, a photographer, a producer, a musician, an information security consultant, a data protection specialist, a lecturer, a psychology researcher, a writer, a standards author, a search and rescue target, and a grateful father of four children.

He is a founding director at SocialOptic (the people behind Milestone Planner and SurveyOptic), and is an investor and strategic advisor for a number of high growth technology businesses. His combined background in engineering and psychology make him a popular speaker and highly valued consultant.

This site is an aggregation of Benjamin’s activities from around the web, as well as home to Benjamin’s personal blog[more about Benjamin…]