Benjamin EllisBenjamin has a dual accredited BSc/BEng degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Kent at Canterbury (specialising in embedded systems and networks), a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Science and Technology and a Church Colleges Certificate in Religious Studies from Canterbury Christ Church University, a graduate Diploma in Psychology from the Open University, and a spectacular fail in Grade 3 Classical Guitar.

He is often described as Social Technologist, an entrepreneur, and a data geek, and has worked in the on-line world since the 1980’s, including the early phases of companies including Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, and start up projects with Microsoft, IBM and Motorola.

After more than two decades working at the leading edge of technology, Benjamin is still passionate about what can be achieved at the intersection of people and technology, to make the world a better place. He has also worked as a photographer, and a bass player, and can occasionally be found in a recording studio.

He is the CEO of SocialOptic (blog), and continues to support technology start ups, in both investment and advisory roles, and businesses undergoing digital transformation.

He makes the occasional appearance on Radio and TV, explaining the way that technology is changing how business and society work, and is also active in the academic domain as both a researcher, lecturer, and as a perpetual student.

When he isn’t involved in other pursuits, Benjamin can be found relaxing with his wife and four children at his Surrey home, in as much as anyone relaxes in a home with multiple teenagers. He also has an uncanny ability to write about himself in the third person, delevolped during his time as a senior marketing executive, and mastered during his training as a psychology researcher. He keeps a flock of chickens, too many guitars and an archive of ancient computing devices.

Do get in touch – he would love to hear from you.

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