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Terrifying Consumers

I am sure you have seen the Carrie promotional video prank. If you haven’t here you go: terrify yourself. There has been a lot of debate about whether the people in the shop were actors or just bystanders (and that debate also added to the spread of the video). Marketeers are in a continually escalating battle […]

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Does More Data Mean Better Decisions

So this post is partly in response to a comment from Roland Harwood asking about 23andMe, but mostly me thinking out loud about data and risks. While this post is in response to the data generated by 23andMe, it is applicable to almost any isolated set of data. 23andMe, if you haven’t heard of it, […]

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Internet of Things

A few very cool open sourced hardware projects in the Internet of Things space this week. The Chrome Web Lab exhibition at the London Science Museum concluded yesterday, but Google have released the plans for a couple of the projects: the Universal Orchestra and Sketchbots. The first, Web Lab Orchestra, allows multiple users to control hardware that plays physical instruments, collaboratively and […]

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From around the web – Benjamin’s favourites july 12 2013

This is a bit of old-style blogging – an actual web log! – of things I found on the web (mostly via twitter) editted with Storify (which, sadly, made a right pigs ear of this). My favourite ‘gadget’ of the week (designed in Reading, no less!)The Floating Mug Co. | Refresh your tabletop The Floating […]

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Ants and Dandelions – Co-dependance and missing links

I’m not really big on gardening. I’m very happy to look at a pretty garden, but not so happy to spend hours tending to one! That said, each time I do venture out, I learn something: Today it was something about ants and dandelions. Herbicides are off limits in our garden – appart from their impact, keeping […]

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Couch to 5k – Getting Fit!

Thanks to a bit of inspiration and nudging, I’m grappling a long-outstanding goal that has been in my personal Milestone Planner (*cough* nominated by Lifehacker as one of the top 5 goal tracking services) plan for a while: Get Fit. It’s far too vague a goal, which is probably why I haven’t made any progress towards it in the […]

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