Shedding at Login Lounge

Last week saw the inaugural TED shed at Login Business Lounge , thanks to Steve Coburn. It was a chance to listen to some stimulating talks and discuss them, and I had the privilege of leading a table and feeding back. Steve asked us to consider what harms own industry had been responsible for in the pursuit of growth. As… Read more →

Growing in a circle

There’s a sign, a little artisan placard, on a wall at my parent’s house. I’m not sure where it came from, or even when it appeared. It is ornate, but it has just three simple words on it: ‘seed’, ‘feed’, ‘weed’. I noted it, because it echoes the approaches I’ve been taught for developing products, growing businesses, and even life… Read more →

A Week on The Interwebs – 8th March

For what seems like an age I have planned to restart blogging the useful things I have found or learnt during the week. Partly as a resource and reference for myself, and partly as a way of curating the web – Google determines what is useful partly by what is linked to, and what Google determines is useful is, largely,… Read more →

CauseWired – A Decade On

In November 2008 I read a book called CauseWired by Tom Watson.  NB This Tom Watson isn’t the Labour Party Deputy leader (here), he’s this one, the US journalist and critic. I wrote: If you look at my copy of CauseWired, you’ll see that I’ve marked more than one or two pages out, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been… Read more →

If you don’t do the little things the bigs things will never happen

This week I spent an evening the company of David Gurteen, who is the wonderful human being behind the “Knowledge Café” series. This particular evening we were at the NHS London Leadership Academy. The conversation was, as usual, wide-ranging and challenging, particularly looking at how leaders can be meaningfully attentive, bridging the requirements to both deliver and to care in… Read more →