Canon S90 at CanonTuttle

Canon sponsored this week’s Tuttle Club, so not only did I catch up with Tuttle folk in London, I got a chance to see some of the kit from the Canon Pro Solutions Show in more detail. The video here was shot at Tuttle, with special thanks to Brian Condon for playing camera man and operating the Canon SX200is this was… Read more →

Canon Pro Solutions Show – 09

I spent a good chunk of today in the company of Canon and many of the businesses in what has become a large and successful eco-system around their photography and video products. They took over the business design centre for two days, filling the exhibition space with dozens of exhibitors, as well as their own stands, and a steady stream… Read more →

On the River

We all need things to aspire to. There is no person that is perfect. There is no place that is perfect. We stand astride the great river of life, caught between two banks. We can not choose where the tide takes us, but we can paddle in the right direction, for all that we are worth. We do not know where… Read more →

Looking Back on The 5D Mark II

It’s been a little while since I had a Canon 5D Mark II in my hands. I’m very grateful to the good folks at Canon and at 1000Heads for loaning me such a wonderful beast to shoot the digital mission out at South by South West. When a gadget is “shiny new” it is hard to give an objective view of… Read more →