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2020 Public Services Trust – Public Technology

Charlotte Alldritt of the 2020 Public Services Trust, based at the RSA – has been looking at the future of public service reform. 2020 PST has two vehicles: a seminar program and a commission, made up of 20  academics, politicians and business and third sector leaders. They are currently looking at ‘public technology’ as one of their 8 work-streams. The big questions are: –… Read more →

Hugh Flouch on Neighbourhoods 2.0 and hyperlocal #mps09

Listening to Hugh Flouch, of networked neighbourhoods, talking about Neighbourhoods 2.0 and Hyper-Local. Hugh runs Harringay online – which has 2,000 members out of a 17,000 person ward – scaled up, that’s better penetration than most TV stations.  The hyperlocal eco system is growing, with various systems from commercial to non-commercial, and content produced by the many or by the… Read more →

Speaking from 4IP – @tomskitomski #mps09

4IP Tom Loosemore @tomskitomski reading his notes, wonderfully, off of a napkin, said: Channel 4 is effectively publicly owned (or owned on behalf of the public). In recent years audience attention has been shifting, both between channels, but also away from TV and to the on-line world. 4IP is a pilot – a precursor to that bigger shift – aiming… Read more →

My Public Services – opening session #mps09

James Munro of Patient Opinion kicked off the day. “My Public Services” day was about sharing experiences, ideas, architectures for engaging public services – both learning and sharing what has been learnt. That includes people inside, looking out and those outside, looking in. James talked about how do we learn across the boundaries (something Patient Opinion has been battling with… Read more →