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Canon 60D – Next Camera Purchase?

It’s been a little while since I blogged about my photography toys… Erm… I mean tools [shaky keyboard]. I’ve cycled through a large amount of kit recently, shotting several thousand photos over recent months, from the top of the BT Tower to Bletchly park and many things in between – even a demo video for Milestone Planner. But… Photokina is almost… Read more →

Going to a Full Frame DSLR Camera

Excuse the Camera geekery, but I know that this will be interesting to my DSLR friends, because everyone keeps asking. So, remember that I currently have a Canon 5D Mark II in Hand. It is has a full frame sensor. That’s a big deal to Digital SLR buffs. Most of the budget and semi-pro models have what’s called a cropped frame sensor.… Read more →

London Solo Bass Night

A very nice evening yesterday, seeing Steve Lawson, Yolanda Charles and Todd Johnson in concert at Darbucka, which turns out to be a rather special little venue in NE London. Not great for photography, as it is very dark, but a nice atmosphere, great food and there was enough mobile coverage to do a little bit of twittering. There’s a… Read more →