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CauseWired – A Decade On

In November 2008 I read a book called CauseWired by Tom Watson.  NB This Tom Watson isn’t the Labour Party Deputy leader (here), he’s this one, the US journalist and critic. I wrote: If you look at my copy of CauseWired, you’ll see that I’ve marked more than one or two pages out, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been… Read more →

Teentech – Showing What You Can Do

The ultimate cure for jetlag? Well, spending the day with 300 teenagers, obviously. On Friday I joined Maggie Philbin, the afore mentioned teenagers, and a dedicated team of grown ups at The Madejski Stadium in Reading, Berkshire, for Teentech 2010. The number of children studying science and maths has been in decline for many years in the UK, prompting government… Read more →

Thames Valley Social Media Cafe – Reading

I’ve tweeted it, but it deserves more than 140 characters! After the Reading Twestival, a number of tweetups in Reading have happened, but I’ve been hoping for a full on Tuttle Club style event. Finally, after a few tweets between Drew Benvie, Matt Brady, Neville Hobson and myself, it is all systems go…     Drew has written a post about his hopes for TVSMC, and Neville gives a good… Read more →