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London Social Media Cafe

Yesterday morning saw me working form the Tuttle club, AKA London Social Media Cafe, hosted by Lloyd Davis. There were a lot of people on site and the clatter of keyboards was slightly drowned out by the chatter of conversation.

It was a very positive experience and set me off thinking on a number of threads. There were some great conversations – than you Thayer, David Terrar, Anne Marie McEwan, Joshua March, Francine Kizner, and others too. I was reminded how important the social nature of the office environment is, something that is missed working home-alone. The seed of ‘randomness’ that comes from interactive with other people is a key part of creativity. The unexpected and the different can be inspirational.

The Social Media Cafe provides an opportunity to meet like minded people, with different background and experience. I think it is a concept that would benefit anyone in the creative space, but also something that could be applied to the supposedly less creative businesses too…

It would be great to have places like this to drop in and work all over the country, if not all over the world. If you are in London and in the social media space, check it out: The Tuttle Club.

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