Social Media Camp London 08

I spent Saturday at Social Media Camp London, and a mighty fine day it was too. A remarkable number of the folks there were SMC first-timers, with just a handful of the old guard. Good to have new blood into the game!smclondon08 sessions

I haven’t see a complete round up of the talks (there were a lot!). The venue (Wallspace, St. Pancras) was absolutely stunning, the food delightful and Vero’s organization seamless.
I’ll write up my presentation on FOAF and Dunbar’s number (‘6 degrees of seperation now 3’) and get it up on slideshare (to join this lot) just as soon as I’ve caught my breath. In the mean time there’s a nice mention here  (thanks @edent!).

The tag for the event was smclondon08, which should enable you to find the relevant blog and microblog posts, QIKs, and flickr photos.

As ever, my photos from the day are up and and tagged here on flickr. Feel free to add tags, faves, notes and comments, if you are a flickr user. If you aren’t, why not sign up for a flickr account, it is free….


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