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great final panel at #1pound40 with @sambrook @benjaminellis @radiokate @documentally @hannahnicklin @suethomas by Josh Russell.

Photo by Josh Russell (cc) via Flickr

As predicted, I received a huge amount of flack for my moustache when I spoke at the 1pound40 conference at Reuters news agency. I’m pictured above,  squeezed in between Sam Brook and Kate AG (who is currently working on the BBC’s Treeoclock project) – off to the right of the photo is Christian (aka @documentally – the man who first taught me to take photos), Hannah Nicklin and Sue Thomas. You can’t see the tache these, but it did end up in a sketch…

Sketch-Benjamin-Ellis-300x204Sam Brook, myself (+Mo) and Kate AG

(used with kind permission of the chaps at Drawnalism)

Movember Mo Update

Anyway, back to the Mo. First, thank you to those who have tried to make donations and succeeded – a very big thank you! For those that tried and failed, or haven’t tried yet, because of the way the Movember website works, you’ll need to click on this link, then click on it again to actually get to the donations page. Trust me, you’ll want to – the latest pics will be there, and you can even rate my mo! It would make me very very happy if together we could get that total to £1,000 by the end of the month.

There are some very good resources around the web about prostate cancer – remember, that is what Movember aims to raise awareness about. This NHS prostate cancer resource is very helpful: Introduction to prostate cancer. It includes a video, with the very soothing voice of a prostate cancer expert. There is a fair amount of research that suggests that diet and exercise can play key roles in reducing the risk and impact of prostate cancer – webmd has some specific recommendations.

Be healthy, and have a chuckle at my mo :).


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