Masters of the Scene – The Changing Web

Tonight I’ll be talking at Bernie Mitchell’s Late Late Breakfast show – “Masters of the scene” – in 7 minutes, I’ll spill the beans on how the web is affecting knowledge, shifting power and changing people.


“The Web has been around forever and yet it is not in the blood of the executives who staff the top echelons of companies. Make no mistake, they are smart, they are successful and they want to do better. But the web is such a paradigm shift that if it is not in your blood it is very difficult to imagine its power and  how to use it for good. How do you demand innovation & creativity & radical rethink if you can’t imagine it?” Avinash Kaushik, Google.

I’ll be joined by:

  • Jacqui Taylor – Founder of Flyingbinary
  • Steven Lai – Founder of Likeourselves
  • Lee Smallwood – “Lover of all things digital”
It’ll be tweeted – #llbs on twitter – but I know I’ll see a fair few of you there in person!

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