Saving on Standby Power

I’ve been out buying gadgets to save on standby power. The exciting one mentioned in the video is this fellow:

powersaver It is a Standby Saver Energy Saving Unit – as seen on Dragon’s Den, apparently. As explained in the video, it shuts of the power to all of the sockets when the computer powers down. There is a version for for AV equipment too, which works off of the infrared remote control, and apparently one for use with games consoles in the works.

There was an alternative which I looked at, the Intellipanel – Desktop version, but it was a fair bit more expensive, and had things like a telephone line filter that I didn’t need.

The other device mention in the video doesn’t seem to be on-line, other than in the Maplin shop: Remote Powered Extension lead. If your plugs are more spread out, the Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit might be a better alternative.

It turns out that the standby saver has a little button to turn the computer back on, which turns out to be a bonus. The PC it is wired too is tucked away under the desk, so the standby saver button acts as a remote power switch, on the desk itself and right by the keyboard. That saves reaching under the desk to switch the PC on.

The RF remote powered extension seems to be doing sterling service so far too.

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  1. Benjamin
    June 7, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    OK.. First report back on the EcoTek – the PC I tried it on doesn’t power off the USB ports, so it never switches off. The problem is mentioned on Amazon in the reviews.

    However, I’ve hacked my way around it: I dug out and old PS2 to USB adapter that came with an old Microsoft Mouse. I plugged that into the PS/2 Mouse connector on the PS and plugged the EcoTek’s USB in to that.

    Tada! All working very nicely now.

    The powered extension lead gets a little hot, which makes me suspicious of how much power it uses. Time to get a meter out…

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