I’m on the Phone…

SavedPicture-201321184244.jpgThe good folks from NokiaAtWork have put a Lumia 920 in my hands for this month. I unwrapped it last night, and had my contacts, calendars and email set up in a couple of minutes. The Windows Phone 8 interface is refreshingly different (more on that in another post) – it’s very clear and easy to use.

Day one has been interesting! A good portion of the day was spent stuck on delayed trains, first in to London, and then out of London. During the day…

On the Nokia Lumia 920 I:

  • Paid for my parking for the day
  • Found out why my train was late.
  • Re-arranged two meetings, while on the train.
  • Replied to a dozen or so emails.
  • Got an address I forgot to look up.
  • Touched base with some good friends.
  • Replanned two train journeys.
  • Took several photos.
  • Located a coffee shop.
  • Made an eBay purchase.
  • Skyped with Caalie at the office.
  • Checked in on FourSquare more times than is healthy ;).
  • Followed the Twitter stream for two events.
  • Documented a system redesign
  • Caught up with the days’ news.
  • Found a petrol station.

On My Macbook Pro I.:

  • Showed someone three web pages.
  • Carried it around like a dead weight.

Oh, and I wrote and submitted this post… Via the phone too…I might not take my laptop in to London again this month. The future of work seems to be mobile :)

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