From around the web – Benjamin’s favourites july 12 2013

This is a bit of old-style blogging – an actual web log! – of things I found on the web (mostly via twitter) editted with Storify (which, sadly, made a right pigs ear of this).

  1. My favourite ‘gadget’ of the week (designed in Reading, no less!) The Floating Mug Co. | Refresh your tabletop
    The Floating Mug Co | A design studio that introduced the Floating Mug™ and whose mission is to refresh your table-top. – FLOATINGMUG
  2. by Maria Popova “The kernel, the soul – let us go further and say the substance, the bulk, the actual and valuable material of all human utterances – is plagiarism.” The combinatorial nature of creativity is something I think about a great deal, so this 1903 letter Mark Twain wrote to his friend Helen Keller, found in Mark Twain’s Letters, Vol.
  3. BBC World Service – Global Business, Designs For Life

    ‘Design thinking’ – and why it is becoming fundamental to the way organisations function – BBC
  4. 10 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years
  5. Shift No. 11 in which we talk to writer, consultant and originator of the term Wirearchy Jon Husband. We talk about his work with civic groups in Montreal, recognition and job sizing, new models for organisations, and the likelihood for change. BUSINESS-SHIFT

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