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Hello Austin… #sxsw #digitalmission

Awake, but a little sleepy, on a very sunny morning in Austin Texas. The leg of the journey on Virgin Atlantic was excellent, and Jet Blue were in birthday mode, with balloons everywhere – although I just thought they were having a binary moment! Sam (@toodlepip)’s hat survived the journey, and we even managed to grab some healthfood in JFK… Read more →

A (virtual) Gig in Our Living Room…

It isn’t everyday you get to have a 17th wedding anniversary. It isn’t everyday that you host a gig in your living room – even via a web browser. I got both of these this week, thanks to Steve and Lobelia. Having returned from Geeknbury, in the Surrey outback, there was still one more act to go. Find out all about it… Read more →

The BBC Micro Remembered

It seems that BBC Micro retrospectives are sweeping the web. The BBC ran a story: Beeb creators reunite at museum on the recent meeting at the science museum.  There is a great video embedded in the story, showing the BBC Micro loading programs from a cassette tape. Ah, those were the days, waiting fifteen minutes and jigging with wires just… Read more →