Nabaztag Rabbits – Hopping Mad

Ah… the Nabaztag Rabbit. I’d forgotten how badly I needed one of these until I saw a post on Girly Geekdom that reminded me about them. The Nabaztag (Armenia for rabbit apparently) is a cute looking WiFi enabled smart device, which has recently been updated with lots of new capabilities. It can indicate the status of pretty much anything by moving or wiggling its ears. It can also read (speech to text) and listen (speech to text). It has a flashing tummy as well. What more could you want? Oh, ok. It has an RFID now reader too… Shame the website is such a slush of flash, (update, Jan 2023: there is legacy website in French, the original company were taken over by who seem to have removed all mention of it from their site…

We will see a lot more intelligent devices as the underlying technology gets cheaper and more compact – increasingly these kind of devices can be build with a single chip. It is a much faster way of checking your email that firing up your PC to find nothing is there, apart from the usual SPAM of course!

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