Getting the Wardrobe Organised – With a Little Help From My Friends

That “end of summer” vibe has started to kick in. The air is getting colder, and I sense autumn around the corner. That means digging out some warmer clothes and retire some of the thinner summer wear. As I looked at my clothes, in their cupboards and drawers, I realised I have always stored them the same way. My productivity neurons got me wondering… Is there a better way? Time for Twitter:

Twitter Question

A little while later, and I’ve got a sea of interesting suggestions. Of course some just start at the basics…


Well, it is a start I guess. I do remember struggling as a teenager, with my mother trying to teach me a simple two category system, as practised by Rita, Robert et al.:

Picture 9

Picture 4

Some take a more technical approach…

Picture 19

Picture 2

Sorting by type, then by colour seems reasonably popular too.

Picture 3

Even if it doesn’t always go according to plan…

Picture 7

Picture 20

I like the idea of “chromatic sorting” – it sounds suitably geeky. The idea was just plain weird to others though…

Picture 11

You could even go multi-dimensional with the organisation.

Picture 10

Picture 13

Picture 18

I like Meriem’s use of two dimensional space, sadly my storage is strickly 1D – tall and narrow. You could just subvert the whole need to sort, with a lifestyle choice…

Picture 6

Picture 17

But sorting by some category seems to be the norm! Sorting by use is another popular theme, which is how Josie tackles her non-super-hero outfits:

Picture 8

Picture 5

Picture 14

Picture 22

Or by taking a seasonal approach:

Picture 12

That’s a big pile in the middle. Seasonality has its own challenges…
Picture 16

I think I’m going to go for storing “off season” clothes separately, then sorting by type and – yes – by colour. We’ll see how it goes.

Finally, there are those who are left cold by the whole idea of the topic…

Picture 15

Update: Turns out not everyone is so chilled ;)

Picture 23

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