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Smart Pump – Warm House – Less Power

when our central heating pump went a bit feral, I grabbed the opportunity unleash my inner geek, and build some intelligence into the central heating system,to drop its energy consumption…. …The house already has thermostatic valves (TRVs) on all the radiators, which is great from an efficiency point of view, but the water pump wasn’t joining in the game. Read more →

Monkey Power

Ok, powermonkey actually. You see it’s become a bit of a standing joke: I call back to base at the end of the day and say “hello, need to update you. Can’t talk for long, battery is flat.” Sometimes my Nokia N95 battery seems to last forever, other times it just dies – it depends on coverage, what Gravity is… Read more →

AppleTV Gestural Interface

Apple release and update to the AppleTV today, and also a new version of the Remote application for the iPod touch and the iPhone, which let’s you remotely control the AppleTV. It is a nice implementation of a gestures based interface, a very simple one, but a nice glimpse of a much better way to interact with technology: There is… Read more →