Not So Little Red Rucksack – Tamrac 9

I get asked about this a fair bit these days, so this is a little post to serve as an “FAQ” style answer! What have we here?

That would be the Tamrac 9 rucksack that adorns my back these days. It looks a little better out of it’s wrapping:

The back is home to a very padded compartment that even fits my 17″  MacBook Pro, and inside of the front is somewhere for my Canon DSLR to snuggle, complete with a selection of lenses:


The top also houses a zip-up compartment big enough to fit a flash, filters, batteries and the like – including little pockets to store memory cards.

You can find the Tamrac Adventure 9 on Amazon, or dig around on eBay.

Oh, and I went for a red one. Obviously.

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