This Saturday I’ll be up at Tweetcamp in London. I caught up with driving force Farhan Rehman to ask him what it’s all about.

And he’s posted more about What to Expect at TweetCamp:

The aim, is to bring people together in person who know each other through Twitter, but don’t necessarily know each other well in person. Given that, of the people coming, there is the full spectrum of people who have never been to an unconference style event before, aren’t technical, and just use twitter as a social tool. There will also be hard core geeks and techies who make social platforms that use twitter, and regularly go to unconference style events. It’ll be an interesting mix of people, with one thread in common we all use twitter.

Looking through the attendee list, it is certainly a diverse crowd, which will make for some energetic conversations.

Unlike previous BarCamp events, where there’s been a high level of structure to the day, and clear starting and stopping of sessions, TweetCamp won’t be so defined in the same way. Since we’re not focussing on the ‘learning and sharing’ element of BarCamp as much as building relationships with people we know, we want for people to take as little or as long as they need to have the conversations they want to have with the people they want to talk with. There’ll be plenty of people there who will be having interesting conversations, and will warmly welcome you to join them!

The usual BarCamp / unconference two feet rule applies – if you decide you don’t enjoy the discussion you’re in, then you can vote with your feet. There are some knowledgeable and creative people going along, so most angles will be covered. I’ll put photos up in the usual place after the event, and I’m sure I’ll have something to write up on the Redcatco Blog too!

More on the logistics of the day by Jon: The Fun stuff happening at Tweetcamp.

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