It’s nice to get a surprise, and it is also nice to get something you’ve been waiting for. The Matter Box that arrived through the post yesterday was a bit of both. I got an email saying it would be with me, then one saying it would be delayed. Oh the suspense! Well managed communications though – a general note: if you… Read more →

Messing with Flock

I’ve started using Flock for my ‘social browsing’ – it integrates nicely with many of the services I use (WordPress, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook). This labeled screen shot from the Flock folks gives an idea of what it can do – and this post was edited and posted via Flock too… Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: flock Read more →

T-Shirt with built in Wi-Fi Detector

So, you are wondering how to find the nearest hotspot? This one spotted via an article on The Register: Get yourself one of these, for a mere £20 or so: A Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt How could we have survived all this time without one? Of course, you could always put that money towards a month or two of 3G service.… Read more →

Nabaztag Rabbits – Hopping Mad

Ah… the Nabaztag Rabbit. I’d forgotten how badly I needed one of these until I saw a post on Girly Geekdom that reminded me about them. The Nabaztag (Armenia for rabbit apparently) is a cute looking WiFi enabled smart device, which has recently been updated with lots of new capabilities. It can indicate the status of pretty much anything by… Read more →