Going without a Digital SLR.

Of all the Canon Spring Collection I played with the other week (see A Camera for Extreme Photography!), the one camera people keep asking me about, and that I keep coming back to is the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. One of the secrets to getting good at photography is to carry your camera everywhere, and that’s pretty much what I do.… Read more →

A Camera for Extreme Photography!

I popped up to London yesterday to catch up with the nice folks at Canon, to see their spring 09 collection. One item caught my eye, which didn’t fit in with my usual scheme of things, hence posting about it here. That beasty is a Canon PowerShot D10. Now, if you don’t like its looks, don’t worry. That’s a clip… Read more →

Conference Photography

I spend a fair amount of my photography hours taking pictures at events / conferences, so the post “how to photograph a conference – 10 tips” on digital Photography School obviously piqued my interested when I saw it in my RSS feed. Here are the 10 tips, and my own comments: 1. Bring extra batteries, memory cards, your cables, and… Read more →

Poster Journeys…

I went to this last night: “Poster Journeys – London Transport Museum Event” at the London Transport Museum (big props to Annie Mole). The talk was a fascinating tour of the of Abram Games, given by his daughter, Naomi. A new book –  Poster Journeys – is now available that takes you through Abram’s journey in creating his amazing work. Read more →