Summer Pudding Twitter Competition

Ah, the wild things that happen via Twitter… Only on Twitter could a few tweets turn into an international “cooktweetoff” as people from both sides of the Atlantic joined in a mission to prepare the ultimate summer pudding – all under the hash tag #summerpudding, of course.

I think the trouble started with @Andyqsmith, @Maggiephilbin and @NickiePhilbin. I couldn’t begin to cover all of the details, but safe to say several days later there were summer puddings all over the place, and Maggie Philbin was battling with traffic as she navigated her way across the UK, taking the technology to celebrity chef Anton Edelman, at Great Hallingbury Manor, so that he could pass his expert eyes over the submissions. He was suitably bemused:


No smells via Twitter, sadly, but here are photograph slide shows of each entry, together with Anton’s comments on each submission. I’ve saved the winners until the end…

Canine tease (see the photos) @maggiephilbin ” Good shape and presentation” said Anton:

@flapjack50 “This a little pale but had tremendous shape, well done”:


My personal favourite :) @Caalie “Loved sense of family and friends enjoying food and that is what cooking is all about”:

With video too:

And the ‘tip out’ – stop the film says Caalie!:

And enjoying the results with the wonderful @solobasssteve and @lobelia and @tapps – who flew in all the way from the US especially (oh, ok, she did come over for some other things, but Caalie’s pudding was the main reason, really):

@NickiePhilbin “Collapse in centre has marred entry”:

 @M4ryDeNovo “Mary’s entry is promising but not quite there yet, bit pale, but has lovely shape”

Mark Littlewood “Fun entry, well done”


The Gold Award winner was @edwardclarke for his #summerpudding! Congratulations Edward:

Super hero @andyqsmith (raising some money along the way, supporting Amanda Wilkie) at Silver “Outstanding sense of fun and joyful entry”:

Joint bronze went to: @annraulston and @handbagpets.

@annraulston “Very adept, great use of location and exotic flowers”

@handbagpets remarks from Anton “Very stylish and beautifully dressed entry, with a great topping”


Well done to everyone, the conversations on Twitter  included much fun and japes!

The winner gets to decide what next dish is… Are you hungry yet?

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