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NEVER forget your mission NEVER divert from it

So today’s big news is about Twitter acquiring Posterous. It lead me to tweet this: “Eeeek… Posterous acquired by Twitter?! People, NEVER forget your mission, NEVER divert from it. If you do, you WILL fail.” Which, based on the replies, requires a bit more explanation (other than explaining what has caused me to start making mouse noises). If you are… Read more →

SummerSandwich – Twitter Food and Fun

If you are unfamiliar with the regular Twitter cook-offs, then check out  the Summer Pudding Twitter Competition post for a bit of background. Dozens of people from around the globe in an on-line cooking competition, co-ordinated via social networking site Twitter, watched by thousands. This month’s competition has less to do with cooking and more to do with making. Last month’s… Read more →


This Saturday I’ll be up at Tweetcamp in London. I caught up with driving force Farhan Rehman to ask him what it’s all about. And he’s posted more about What to Expect at TweetCamp: The aim, is to bring people together in person who know each other through Twitter, but don’t necessarily know each other well in person. Given that, of the people… Read more →

Summer Pudding Twitter Competition

Ah, the wild things that happen via Twitter… Only on Twitter could a few tweets turn into an international “cooktweetoff” as people from both sides of the Atlantic joined in a mission to prepare the ultimate summer pudding – all under the hash tag #summerpudding, of course. I think the trouble started with @Andyqsmith, @Maggiephilbin and @NickiePhilbin. I couldn’t begin to cover all of… Read more →